I offer many services to the community. From counseling to marriage services, to burial services, to lecturing, and pretty much anything required of me as a community leader.

For marriage services, I require counseling sessions with the couple– together, and separately. I offer inclusive marriage services, meaning I also marry same-sex or inter-faith couples. I officiate marriages through the telephone or video-conferencing, as well as in person. I’m also available to travel.

For general counseling, I offer Qur’an-­based pastoral counseling, which is a form of counseling that emphasizes therapy services and the exploration, clarification and guidance of human life via psychological, sociological and Qur’anic theological perspectives. I provide individual, marital and relationship, family and group therapies to anyone who is in need of these services. I offer these services through the phone, video-conferencing, or in person. I offer them to individuals, couples, and families.

For lecturing, I offer a diverse background, as well as long-term presence in the developing of Progressive Islam in the Muslim community. I offer meaningful information on Islamic law (Shari’ah) and Qur’anic interpretation, the Progressive Muslim Movement, Muslim Women’s Rights, Muslim Interfaith and Same Sex Marriages, and Human Rights activism, and offer a balanced engagement with audiences of all backgrounds.

For list of services, or rates, contact me at