Why I Started MECCA Institute

I started this nonprofit organization to help expand progressive Islamic theology through education and research, partner with other organizations, and support an inclusive Muslim community. Mecca Institute is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to expand progressive Islamic theology through education and research. Mecca Institute could have originated as a for-profit online school venture, however, […]

Shared History

From the Medina Charter to the Magna Carter we have had shared histories that helped us to come to the United Nation’s Declaration of Human Rights. The Gods of War has been humankind’s albatross long before recorded history. Tens of thousands of years later, humankind continues to violate an individual’s physical integrity and murder each […]

Connected Roots

Abrahamic faiths have provided philosophical ideals, ultimately building a secular multifaith society, and significantly improved conditions for humankind. Progressive Western thought compliments progressive Islamic thought – they mirror each other in a dance of human growth and development. As much as Islamic medieval humanist scholarship played a direct linkage through which humanistic philosophies of ancient […]

Progressive Islam

Progressive Islam is an inclusive Islamic interpretation that supports women’s rights, LGBT rights, economic parity, and education for all. Over the past one hundred years, progressive Islamic thought has found strength and comfort within a secular-based governance, as Turkey moved from caliphate to secular democracy, Muslims under secular governance have brought about significant change in […]

Islam and Research

Muslim research into ancient and contemporary knowledge led to numerous discoveries in astronomy, medicine, mental health, and much more. Ibn Khaldun’s insightful comment on his contemporaries’ perspectives of “Islam” is succinct and to the point: “[Unthinkingly] following ancient customs and traditions doesn’t mean that the dead are alive, but that the living are dead.” Ibn […]

Islam and Education

An Islamic education that is progressive prepares future generations to alter the status quo, and provides alternative solutions to contemporary challenges. Within Islam, progressive education has always been an important feature of the Islamic faith. Prophet Mohammad’s social position highlights how he taught the Quranic message that challenged the oral traditions and customs that belittled […]

Islam and Multi-faith Society

The Islamic Golden Age developed multi-faith societies that significantly enriched the Islamic faith and the Orient, and we need to fight for that today. I deeply understand and appreciate what a multireligious society provides me, a Black American Muslim. As an adult, my life is very different from my humble beginnings. I was raised in […]

Islam and Secular Society

Progressive Islam removes barriers of race, gender, religion, political ideology, geographic locale and societal mores by separating faith from the state. Over the past six decades, reflecting upon the variety of experiences of life, I came to understand myself as a world citizen; a person who sees things from a global perspective. Therefore, inculcating the […]