MECCA Institute Needs You

Mecca Institute is tackling topics that have been abandoned for far too long in the Muslim community, and the organization needs your support to continue its work.

Mecca Institute is the result of a vision to help progressive Muslims build inclusive communities in the United States and the world. Our mission is to expand progressive Islamic theology through education and research. To do this, the organization partnered with Muslim scholars in various parts of the world. By focusing on women, LGBT, and the youth in our communities we are able to really tackle topics that have been abandoned for far too long.

Bringing this mission to fruition requires your help and participation. Though Mecca Institute is a fledgling institution today, your support empowers our think tank, seminary and online broadcast center – all focused on progressive Islamic theology. Thus, we need people with specific expertise in the areas of fundraising, marketing, academic research, social media, website maintenance, and videography in specific urban locations worldwide to help Mecca Institute reach its goals for 2017.

But it is not that we only need technical support, we also need financial support. Monies raised through individual and group donations, along with our bi-annual fundraising efforts to help provide seminary scholarships for full-time and part-time students, develop video courses for the seminary program, and build our general Islamic short-course archive, while defraying administrative and overhead expenses.

Mecca Institute’s think tank, Saloonaat, recently submitted multiple funding proposals for research in our Islamic Studies departments, focusing on contemporary progressive Islamic issues covering the Muslim past, Islam today, and the future of Islam globally. This research will really bring to light a lot of information that had been ignored or rejected by both traditional Muslim and non-Muslim educational and research institutions.

Mecca Institute Broadcasting Center’s programming will provide seminars, weekly broadcasts on Islamic scholarship, and shall expand its coverage for general consumption by Muslim and non-Muslim viewers. This means you will soon have Muslim scholars on your streets discussing hot topics of the day. If you are not able to make it to the physical lectures, you will be able to get caught up via our website.

Individually and jointly, direct giving provides another way to help Mecca Institute. During Ramadan your zakat donations will mean a lot to Mecca Institute students. Throughout the year, one can give sadaqah generously. End-of-year tax credit donations, or giving in honor of someone. Help Mecca Institute flourish as a modern-day, progressive Islamic think tank, seminary and broadcast center providing an alternative voice for inclusive Muslim communities in the United States and worldwide.

Thank you very much and I look forward to you joining me in supporting this great effort for our times. May Allah continue to bless us all.

Daayiee Abdullah is the Executive Director of  MECCA Institute, a progressive Islamic institute with a think tank and a school.

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