More Prayers for Turkey

Dear Lord, in You we have placed our trust, and to You do we turn in sorrow, for with You is the end of all journeys. Learning yesterday that Turkey’s international airport had been brutally attacked by three armed terrorists, we once again see some Muslims killing for a cause to “save” Islam. This time […]

Mental Health

Several days ago, while researching mental health awareness amongst various faith groups, the numbers of Americans—54 million—have some form of mentally illness.[1] What I noted and highlighted in my research—in some cultures and communities—specifically among minorities—mental illness remains a subject of taboo and misunderstanding. According to Dr. Donna Holland Barnes, a research associate and professor […]

Interfaith Families

I have been having an exchange with a young man in Europe who is from mixed faith background. Kamal is 19. His father is Belgian and his mother is Moroccan. They met and fell in love in Belgium. Kamal was born in Belgium and was raised as a Muslim for the first 14 years of […]

Traditional Thinking

As believers, we must look to God’s diversity in all things, and we must accept that this diversity of God’s creation is boundless. As human beings, we are not required to accept the limitations of generation-after-generation thinking–it quickly binds our hands and smothers our free will. We live in a time when traditional (taqlidi) thinking dominates […]

Statement: Orlando Shooting

Violence is not dependent upon a person’s race, ethnicity, place of origin, but one can be negatively influenced by cultural beliefs pinned to cultural religious views. First and foremost, my thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the victims at the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando. As we learn more about the […]

Islamic Empirical Governance

I believe we need an inclusive theology today because we live in a more and more inclusive world. By understanding that history one comes away with the realization that what was true for those caliphs may not be true for us today. Islamic law came through a natural process. Muslim rulers wanted a way to […]